The State-Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) generates and maintains picklists for the use of SWEP registered Practitioners. SWEP recommends that you consider selecting contracted items.

Contracted Items ensure they meet the relevant Australian Standards, meet specifications required by our consumer group and are best value for money. You will only be required to get a quote from a supplier on items with modifications.

Some items are under the Aids & Equipment Program subsidy. Others may incur a co-payment by the consumer. The co-payment may vary depending on available subsidy and on accessories or modifications requested. You will be advised of full co-payment when application is processed.

Trials of equipment can be arranged by contacting the supplier. Suppliers are committed to assisting with trials Victoria wide. 

When selecting equipment the preferred options are – 

A. Always consider refurbished options (where appropriate)

B. Select a contract item from our picklists

C. Obtain quote for ‘off-contract’ item where you can’t find a solution from A and B that meets the needs of the consumer. 

If you choose a non-contracted item, you will be required to enter the relevant quotable picklist code and submit a quotation with your application. You will need to ensure the quote has all required information. You will need to advise within the application, why a contracted item was not suitable for your consumer.